Plan out a Road Tripping in Isaan

Well, I make a confession that I love nothing more than going on a road trip. If I am planning for a road trip anywhere in Thailand, then my first choice will be Issan, the most off-the-beaten track in the remote northeast of Thailand.

But when doing a road tripping, I don’t drive at all and my friends used to drive! So when planning for a road trip in Isaan, Thailand, one important aspect you should think about whether you will drive a car or need a driver to ride you around Isaan!

To Drive or Hire a Driver For Your Isaan Road Trip!

Driving in Isaan is very easy, if you do not work like I am. As per my experience, I have never had any problem while driving in the any country before! But if you will find it stressful and not confident enough to drive in a foreign country or just simply prefer to sit back and take the glimpse of natural scenery than worrying about which road to take, then you should hire a driver! Think again, there is always a first time experience for everything!

Essentials For an Isaan Trip

Perfect Time To Go There

The Isaan area is the off-the-beaten-track across Thailand for travelers. So it’s quite obvious that there is not specific period when you have to avoid the peak season crowds of other regions. You just browse over the website of Tourism Authority of Thailand Newsroom to know whether the regions are busy or free!

Where To Start or End Journey In Isaan

If you don’t like driving all the way from the Bangkok airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport as the distances are quite larger than you expected, then I recommend taking a public transport, bus, train, plane or even picking up a car with a driver will work very well for your journey to Korat. For instance, I opted a bus ride to reach Korat from Bangkok, travelled around the Loie Province. As I was on a tight schedule, so I could not finish my trip to the fullest! If I had more time, I won’t miss out far east destinations like Chong Mek and Khong Chiam, north to Nakhon Phanom and more importantly explored Udon Thani and Nong Khai. But I will visit these places next time for sure!

Hiring a Driver

If you have already decided to hire a driver, then you can try and organize on your own or through the hotel owner where you will stay! After all, it’s quite difficult to find someone who speaks English fluently! It even took my valuable time and my friends to get an English-speaking driver in Isaan!

Choosing a Rental Car In Isaan

My friends and I also have driven rental cars around the length and breadth of Thailand and have reserved them online through one of the major car rental companies in Isaan(, Korat Car Rental. I highly recommend them as they will give you a chance to choose between self drive and chauffeur-driven cars. Before starting a journey with an Isaan car hire of Korat Car Rental, you should take your own road atlas or maps, a phrase book and a Thai-English dictionary.

Just make sure you will visit across Isaan in your style. And do let me know through the comment box below, if you like it!


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