Bangkok Airport Car Rental is a Great Way to Explore the Kingdom of Thailand

With a private Bangkok airport car hire service, you can visit the country with ease and at your own pace or venture off the beaten path in Thailand. Public transportation options are quite limited outside downtown areas. Fortunately, there are several local and international Bangkok airport Car hire companies to have branches across the country covering the airports and various locations.

Bangkok Airport Car Hire

Summer Palace

The Summer Palace in Bang Pa-in is completely gorgeous and the whole palace is, in fact, worth a visit while in Bangkok! The Bang Pa-In Royal comprises several iconic buildings dotted throughout the palace are interesting for their diversity and large luxuriant green park. It is immaculately maintained royal residence left for the tourists to enjoy as a little wonderland.


Amphawa is one of Thailand’s floating markets which are old and very popular among tourists for a great short trip out of the city. Travelers come to enjoy sightseeing views while boating, boat tour to see fascinating night scene, having delicious food, purchase seafood, local Thai or souvenirs for friends and family to make their Thai experience unique.

Koh Chang Island

Bangkok airport car rental take you to the best beach Koh Chang for a little pleasurable time while on holidays in Bangkok! The excellent beaches, an incredible sunset, budget accommodation options, lots of restaurants, shops, nightlife and much more makes Koh Chang a popular backpacker’s destination is really not far with an airport car rental. Your sightseeing is assured.It also offers some adventure option such as scuba diving, elephant trekking and much more to vacationer for an unforgettable travel experience.

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Thailand is a must for any first time visitor.  Located in the heart of Bangkok the Grand Palace has two main zones. One of them is the royal family residence and the Temple of the impressive Emerald Buddha and the other part is used for royal court, royal ceremonies. Wherever you go you will be amazed at the structures and craftsmanship that takes your breath away.

Wat Arun Temple

Wat Arun is an 80 metered height Khmer architectural style temple best known for its massive tower dominated the skyline around the Chao Phraya River considered as one of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks. It is possibly the oldest royal temple restructured displays its marvel beauty during sunrise or sunset or even in the night too.

Thailand Car Rental


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